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The Best Social Platforms To Promote Your Business

By:   Date posted: October 12, 2012

Facebook Groups for Targeted Engagement

Christopher-headshot“So far, Facebook Groups have proven most useful to reach targeted user groups for the Let’s Lunch UK launch. However, it has also proven quite limited in its scope to reach people further from my personal network — which required approaches outside of social media (mailing lists, press coverage, etc.).”

Christopher Pruijsen |

Let’s Get Linked!

“I should be a paid spokesperson for LinkedIn. I’m constantly singing their praises, as it’s my best online resource to manage new relationships, seek referrals through the networks of my contacts, grow groups for monthly networking events and stay front-of-mind to my network through consistent activity. I receive dozens of clients a year via LinkedIn — on the free version at that!”

Darrah Brustein | Finance Whiz Kids

Living in the Twitterverse

“Twitter has been our absolute No. 1 go-to for spreading our brand awareness. Twitter has such an open community, so it makes it very easy to promote someone’s else service and have them return the favor.”

Mike McGeeCode Academy


Facebook For Customer Interaction

“Lately we’ve seen the best response from Facebook, and it’s no surprise! Facebook is unique in that it’s an everyday destination for so many people. It’s not uncommon for someone to check Facebook first thing in the morning as they check their email.”

Laura Roeder | LKR


Tracking Talk Via Twitter

“Twitter is the single most important social media platform for Fundable’s marketing efforts. It’s incredibly easy to monitor, begin and participate in conversations with users and potential clients on this very relaxed, open platform. It’s also easy to track who and what influences journalists by taking a look at who they’re following and knowing what kind of content the media are interested in.”

Eric Corl Fundable LLC

Sticking With Slideshare

“Slideshare is most important to our marketing efforts, as it allows us to best demonstrate thought leadership to marketing thought leaders and drives significant leads for us. Slideshare allows us to upload documents and presentations that can be shared within a professional community. With the ability to provide and access information and connect with potential clients, it’s ideal for business.”

Dave KerpenLikeable Media

LinkedIn For B2B

“There is a fine line between aggressive and strategic selling. If you use LinkedIn for network ing, it can be an incredible social media platform to invest your time in. It’s a great way to make introductions and get your brand and/or service offerings out there. If you’re not a B2B company, it won’t be as effective, but it’s definitely worked for us as an agency.”

Logan LenzEndagon

Feeling Love With Hashtags

“Monitoring the use of our hashtags is a great way to measure brand sentiment. We love watching our Twitter followers share their #levolove! Hashtags are a unique way to connect and engage with our community members, and the feedback we receive from them is a constant reminder of how we are positively affecting women’s lives.”

Caroline Ghosn | The Levo League

Peaked by Pinterest

“Pinterest is an addictive, awesome place to reach an audience passionate about your space in a visual, compelling way. Plus, it drives meaningful traffic if you do it right. We love Pinterest!”

Derek FlanzraichGreatist


Quora, Quora, Quora

“The traffic we get from Quora is incredibly targeted. It’s a small percentage of our overall traffic, but it drives exactly the people who want what we offer. As a result, the conversion rate from Quora is 5x that of all other inbound channels! And Quora has fantastic SEO, so the questions end up ranking high for lots of related search terms. Most valuable 30 minutes of marketing I ever did!”

Anthony KrumeichBloodhound 

Facebook is for Sharing

“We’re finding people love to “like” and share images on Facebook. It’s become a great tool to spread the word about a new shirt or poster. People see it in their feed and pass it along (if they like it) way more than a link or a statistic.”

Sam DavidsonCool People Care, Inc.


Twitter for Content Marketing

“While we utilize all social media platforms to share content, Twitter is a great place to share important links and reach readers using specific hashtags. We also participate in a number of Twitter chats for clients, which helps increase their visibility while interacting directly with their audience.”

Heather HuhmanCome Recommended


Go Where Your Audience Goes

“Facebook is most important to Her Campus’s marketing efforts because our demographic — college women —lives on Facebook. Facebook is one of the top traffic drivers to our site, partially from Her Campus’s own Facebook account, but mostly from readers posting Her Campus articles on their own accounts to share with their friends, and their friends then click and come to our site.”

Stephanie KaplanHer Campus Media

Don’t Forget About YouTube

“YouTube is owned by Google, and YouTube results are prominently displayed by Google. If you create good video content, optimize it for search, and market the video through your existing channels, you’ll find that YouTube is a valuable social media platform that has a nice impact on search results.”

Brett FarmiloeMarkitors


Utilize That Company Blog

“I see our company blog as the single most important social media platform that we have. While some may not count a blog as a social media platform, it has all the makings of one, including audience and content, so why not? If you look at the amount of quality traffic generated from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., it doesn’t even compare to the amount of traffic generated from our blog.”

Derek JohnsonTatango


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