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Check out this year's top agencies for startups. These agencies help young companies create launch and growth strategies that will get their brand noticed.

Are Account Managers Still Relevant?

Clients demand immediate, direct access to all members on their brand team. So are account managers still relevant?

Danny Rides Again in This ‘Shining’-Inspired Spot for IKEA

IKEA's Halloween spot is an homage to Stanley Kubrick's famous film.

The Biggest Mistakes Agency Owners Make When They’re First Starting Out

I was scared that we wouldn’t make our next payroll. And if I had visibility into how we’d make our next payroll, then I was worried about the one after that.

The Perfect Modern Creative Isn’t a ‘Cool Girl’ — She’s an Actual Person

The perfect modern creative is not “fierce, fearless, and female”. She is varied and individual.


Agency owners need help, too — advice, consulting, access to information, and training. And reading another blog post or book on running a successful business doesn’t always provide the answer.


Most Marketers Manage the Search for a New Agency — Yet Agencies Fail to Follow Up

Too often, agencies get in their own way or create situations that could have been avoided. They derailing meetings that could have resulted in work.


This Is No Hobby: 4 Key Drivers for Building a Truly Great Agency

Your product or output is creative, but if your margins are not covering your expenses, then by definition, it’s a hobby.


The Surprising Science Behind Behind How Our Brains Recognize Logos [Infographic]

A whole lot happens in the 400 milliseconds it takes for you to see a logo, process it, and react to it -- and it all has to do with color, shape, meaning, prior experience with the brand, and so on.


Collaborate for the Client: 9 Tips for Forming Solid Agency Partnerships

Hiring a specialist company that is strong where you’re weak is a no brainer for any company that values agility and scalable growth.

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