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Product-related rituals have long been studied by anthropologists and sociologists, but research today continues to undercover new ways in which rituals affect consumers’ minds and experiences.

Generative Spaces: The Effects of an Open Office Floor Plan

Startups are routinely lauded for their innovative workspaces. When we conjure an image…

4 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Might be Limiting You

Marketing in the technological age requires a healthy social media plan to build your fir…

15 Challenges of Remaining Brand Consistent

Branding is most effective when it’s consistent — but as a startup or small busin…

How to Use the “Brand Factor” to Dominate Google Search Results

Google search results often fluctuate and small businesses are the first to get affected…


The landscape is changing, and your agency needs to find new ways to change with it.


Getting Generation Me to DRTV

My favorite self-descriptor, “couch potato,” may soon be antiquated. Media consum…

Customer Relationship Management business chart on digital table

How to Properly Report on Ad Copy Testing

In my last post, I discussed how one of the most fundamental elements of PPC (pay-per-clic…


How to Dodge the Dreaded Question “What are you doing for me?”

“So, what exactly are you doing for me?” Ah, the dreaded and often unexpected questio…


5 Ways In-location Technology Can Build Better Brand Relationships

Are you the type of shopper that walks aimlessly through a store looking for something to s…

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