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Sean Lyons of Havas on Risk-Taking and Designing an Agency for Collaboration [POV]

Lyons discusses the role of the chief digital officer and how to avoid the mediocre in advertising.

Why Ads Should Name Brands ‘Early and Often

Learn about the mere-exposure effect and why it matters for product placements in ads.

How to Manage Multiple Agency Projects When Every Client Is a Priority

To succeed in this industry, you’ve got to be efficient. Because when you’re efficient, you’re productive. And that makes you extremely valuable to your ad agency.

Battle of the Social Video Platforms: Do You Instagram or Vine?

Struggling to decide which social platform to use? Understand the different audiences and production capabilities to make the right decision.


Check out these four agencies that are using compelling case studies to land new business.


There’s a Problem: Your Client Wants to Create Content

The idea of your client writing for your content marketing campaign can be attractive, but things don't always work out as planned.


Don’t Ask Unless You’re in Love: How to Get Out of the Proposal Business

Creating more and more proposals does not equal new business. Learn how to avoid the proposal and get a commitment from the right client.


Academic Advertising

Is advertising the voice of marketing?


Ad Agency Productivity: 7 Tips for Staying On-Task

Is your staff unfocused? Learn the best ways to stay productive to deliver client projects on-time.

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