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15 Types of Clients and How to Handle Them Properly [Infographic]

Learn how to identify difficult clients with this handy graphic.


4 Things Ad Agencies Need to Know About Small Business

Now more than ever, marketers are interested in connecting with business owners and entrepreneurs to provide them with products and services that will enable them to compete on any stage.


Award Winning Relationships: Measuring the New Gold on the Agency Shelf

Knowing your client well enough, having some credit in the relationship bank and being able to quickly and honestly pick up the phone — good times and in bad — is integral to excellent client-agen


It’s Not Martini Lunches. It’s Text Messages at Midnight.

We have to be more than account people for our clients — or someone else will. We’re more than just the gatekeepers to the creative and media departments.


Prioritizing Growth and Identifying Future Opportunities

Lauren Bradley of Performics explains a quantitative approach to prioritizing marketing tactics based on performance and execution to ensure a high return on investment and identify future opportuniti


What Do You Bring to the Table? Defining Scope of Work

Whether you’re an agency, brand or niche resource, I’m sure you’ve got a “nightmare” to share about scope of work on one project or another. Common scope nightmares are: Scope Creep: The pro


Thinking About the Basics of Account Service

Thirty-some years ago I stumbled into the agency business. Never planned or studied to arrive here — dumb Irish luck just took control, and I fell in love with the industry, my job and the idea of