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Was Your Agency’s Holiday Gift Not up to Par? Save This Gifting Checklist for Next Year

Choosing an appropriate gift is crucial for two reasons: You want to show appreciation for your clients and collaborators and spread holiday cheer, but you also want to express something unique about


‘Top-Drawer’ Business Books of 2013

We should do our own thinking and arrive at our own conclusions only after doing some real homework and challenging ourselves by what we read.


Make or Buy? Building Your Own Custom Cloud-Based Software

But what if none of the available products meet your needs? When does it make sense to develop your own software?


Disrupting the Advertising Industry

The ad industry is stuck in tradition. And while many clients love this way of doing business, tradition is faltering in the digital era.


Tips for Managing Creatives

If you want to encourage creativity and innovation, you need to support a workplace culture where it is OK to fail. Creativity is all about experimentation, and sometimes experiments explode in your f


Why Truth in Advertising Is Fanning the Flames of Invention

Truthfulness in what we do with the ideas we create and in how we do it are all different ways to get to the same thing that matters most for ambitious clients and successful brands.

business tools

4 New Business Tools Your Agency Needs to Succeed

Social is not going anywhere, and marketers are getting younger. We had a prospect tell one of our new business directors recently, “I don’t do voicemail.”


Designed to Fail: Why Being “Billable” is Committing Fraud

Every second spent filling out a time sheet is one that could be spent on “billable” work.

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