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Naming Pitfalls to Avoid: A Lesson from a Clean-Tech Initiative

Too many naming exercises base success on whether the right person says, “I like it” or “I don’t like it.” But a name is about much more than key people liking it — even if those people ar


Building Social Community Around Clean-Tech Initiatives – The Social Tactic Acid Test

Unlike many businesses that leverage subjective values for differentiation, clean-tech companies can leverage in-house expertise and experience to make a material difference to their communities.


Think Beyond Your Customers For B2B Success

When we work with a client, we spend part of our time thinking how that client’s customers need to impress their own customers.


The Look of Clean-Tech: Differentiating Through Design

Clean-tech marketing has grown up and requires unique visual branding in order to attract attention in increasingly competitive markets.


Polish or Perish: The Importance of Visual Identity in Clean Tech

After 13 years of serving engineering-driven companies at HB, we now understand that many companies with extraordinary technology often ignore their own brand.