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How to Write a Website RFP

A website RFP is the marketing equivalent of self-diagnosing and then writing your own prescription.


Disney’s Greatest Sell – The Influence of Wartime Propaganda Films on Advertising

Imagine the pressure of being tasked by the government to convince the American public to…


5 Video Marketing Trends That You Don’t Want To Miss in 2014

In 2013 video marketing became a mainstream marketing tool. For instance, look at the suc…

Hanging Folder and label

2014: The Year Advertisers Will Take Attribution Seriously

Long gone are the days when an entire family would share only one desktop computer. In 2014…

Corporate presentation

How to Create Video Marketing That Contributes Directly to ROI

A benchmark study from the Content Marketing Institute reveals that while 70% of B2B mark…


Earn It, Don’t Buy It: A Post-Facebook World?

That party is definitely not over, but if you look carefully you’ll see that some of the cool people are getting their coats and saying their goodbyes.


Watch Out, Agencies: Brands Are Becoming Media Companies

The landscape is changing, and your agency needs to find new ways to change with it.

beware the hub

Beware the “Hub”

Both clients and agencies are at fault for suggesting in briefs that the digital components of an integrated marketing plan should all point to a central “hub.” This central point could be the bra

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