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No One Clicks on TV Ads Either

With big moves in digital spending going to content creation and paid posts on social media, display ads are more and more frequently being referred to as a waste of money. But think of what they star

mobile advertising

2014 Mobile Advertising Predictions

Although it’s fun to get carried away with the speed of technology and “the next big thing,” let’s not forget the opportunities still untapped in mobile advertising.

digital video

Digital Video Ads: Different Goals Need Different Tactics

Moving the list of priorities from ‘customer acquisition’ and ‘lead generation’ to ‘awareness’ isn’t as simple as it may sound. To be successful, the ability to shift priorities also req


That Escalated Quickly: The Top 5 Challenges Agencies Face When Scaling In-location Engagement

You don’t have to go far from your hometown to see just how much variation there is from region to region. Local terminology, product preferences, brand affinities, seasonal temperatures and fashion


Search Engine Marketing Trends for 2014

Social extensions or links can help put a human face on the brand as well as provide more dynamic landing page options: It is often a lot easier to update a Facebook page or Twitter account than updat


And Where Did You Come From? A Look Into Consumers’ Non-Linear Decision-Making Process

Contextual marketing is getting a lot of airtime these days and with good reason. As brands and agencies extend engagement experiences across multiple mediums, it emphasizes the importance of context

youtube views

Why 5 Million YouTube Views Are Not What They Used to Be

Yes, it’s a nice to have millions of views on YouTube to show off in your board meeting or a case study for your hard earned video campaign, but how many of these views are just bought views? It do

in-location engagement

Come on Down! Understanding the Benefits of In-Location Engagement

If you have ever so much as browsed for products online, you have already been exposed to a calculated upsell tactic: “people who purchased this also purchased this” or “related products”. The

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