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Conversion Copywriting: Words and Phrases That Make People Click [Infographic]

How do people choose which ones to click on and which ones to ignore?


Copywriting for a New America

With a growing emphasis on diversity for brands, multicultural writing has emerged as a new specialization that’s in high demand.

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4 Totally Unique and UN-Boring Advertising Campaigns

Advertisers and marketing experts certainly have their work cut out for them when trying to reach the public — especially because it is hard to get anyone’s attention these days.

fear in advertising

Fear in Advertising: Friend or Foe?

The right advertising message in the right context at the exact right time has the power to elicit emotional responses far beyond the audience's ability to control them.


10 Writing Tips for Your Direct Marketing Campaign

Make it easy for people to respond. Once you’ve told your audience what you want them to do, make it really easy for them to do it. Embed links to your website, include pictures that take you straig


Great Ideas Come From a Dripping Faucet

Fluidity of thought is not only stimulating — for the creative mind, it’s a necessity. It’s where great ideas happen because we are free to consider anything a possibility.


What You Need To Know, and What We Want You To Know. (There’s A Difference.)

Get focused with your message. Figure out what you want people to know and what they need to know, and put those things front and center.


Content is King – But What KIND of Content?

As a marketing, sales or PR decision-maker, knowing how best to optimize these channels to market is becoming an ever more complex challenge.