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The Agency Post is an interactive publication for ad, PR and marketing professionals. We aim to become your source for content on marketing disciplines, audiences, industries, personal branding, internal ops and more. All content is written by subject matter experts, consumable in under five minutes and customized to be applicable to your daily life in the marketing world.

Dear Reader,

Many radical and highly debated statements have been made about the future of the ad agency, of public relations and of the next generation’s creative workforce. Many agencies are trying to figure out how they became responsible for having C# development capabilities. Recent grads, desperate to find work in this glorified industry, often call themselves social media experts to get a start. Why?

Because none of us have it all figured out.

Strategic communication, whether it be advertising, public relations or a guerrilla stunt, is a wonderful blend of science and art. There are formulaic, by-the-book elements to it: audiences, industries, marketing disciplines and internal operations. But, an equally important element is taking risks and being bold. There’s communal value in sharing expertise and associated experiences in all of these areas.

The Agency Post exists to equip communications professionals in all divisions and at every level of the food chain with information that allows you to innovate independently and make your own success. We’ve amassed a group of expert Contributors in everything from the automotive industry to mobile marketing who will share practical and actionable information.

The Agency Post is a progressive source of agency knowledge that will equip you to drive customer value and reap the rewards. This is not AdAge, Mashable or the 4A’s – nor should it be a replacement for any of those. In fact, we’re big fans of all of them. Do you want to know more about how to succeed in marketing in the western United States? Find relevant data here. Need to better understand current trends in a given industry? We’ve got a whole section devoted to it.

So come to The Agency Post ready to explore, take notes, ask questions and share personal experiences. If you pop in for five minutes a day, you will see real benefits for yourself, your organization and your clients (whether they be internal or external).

Cheers to improving, innovating and transforming the world,


Emily Eldridge