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Tech Profile: Stipple

Every time images move from one site to another, which happens billions of times per month, images lose all of their associated information, such as who owns the image, where it was taken, etc.


Tech Profile: AirPR

A poor PR experience often happens when up-front expectations (outcomes or goals) are not mutually understood or communicated properly.


Tech Profile: HitBliss

We had a vision: unbundle advertising from content.


Tech Profile: Outbrain

Hundreds of premium publishers, including CNN, Fox News, Hearst, Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Fast Company use our technology to keep readers on their sites longer.


Tech Profile: BuzzMob

BuzzMob bridges the gap between social networks and live community, delivering catered mobile content directly to you based on location and interest.


Tech Profile: StationCreator

Today, online video requires too much action from the viewer: searching, browsing and clicking every time a video ends. The vast majority regularly watches broadcast television, and we’re aiming to


Tech Profile: Framebench

Framebench is a multimedia collaboration tool that allows designers to work together and give feedback in real time.


Tech Profile: Kiip

Kiip is the world’s first mobile rewards network that delivers serendipitous rewards for achievement moments in apps and games.

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