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Why I Want to Give Technology a Great Big Hug — And Then Tell It to Cram It

The good news is that ideas come to life faster and more often, particularly at boutique creative agencies that can benefit from the resources and convenience of technology to be more fluid and innova


What Marketing Tactics Startups Wish They Could Implement

New tools that gather analytics data, manage social media presence and help to engage consumers are up for use, as long as you have the means to do so. These entrepreneurs share their thoughts on the


How Data Is Changing Product Marketing

Using analytics, we’re able to determine where most of our conversions originate and focus our marketing efforts accordingly.


Seeking the Zero-Based Inbox — Conquering Email Frees You For Other Challenges

Too much email isn’t just an annoyance. It’s a costly distraction that can seductively take your focus away from more critical matters.


GraphEffect Expands Its Reach on New Collaborative Platform

Instead of the one-size-fits-all approach of most enterprise-level software solutions, SHIFT is bringing together individual companies that excel at providing a niche service.


Why Your Company Needs to Use Facebook Registration

So how does Facebook registration work? What can you do with the information, and will social features lead to a more customized user experience?


How Google Fiber Will Impact Digital Marketers

Google Fiber may just propel technology to catch up with consumer demand and catapult us into the next digital frontier.


Smells Like Teen Spirit: Schooling Marketers on Tumblr

A teen’s grabbing statement on why Tumblr is so interesting as both a blogging and social network reminded me of the core attractions of the Internet (before it became a tool of marketing) — anony

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