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Kanary NEST Combines Programmatic Buying With Real-Time Bidding for Display Advertising [Tech Profile]

Learn how Kanary NEST has simplified programmatic media buying of display ads for advertisers.


TripleLift Pairs Visual Native Ads with an Exchange to Increase Efficiency [Tech Profile]

Learn how TripleLift is creating image and video native advertising and using an ad exchange to automate the process for publishers and advertisers.


Interlude’s Interactive Video Platform Turns Passive Viewers Into Story Participants [Tech Profile]

Interactive videos give consumers the opportunity to make their own decisions, while still interacting with the brands that are communicating with them.

gumgum-maybelline copy

GumGum Provides Publishers With the Opportunity to Monetize Editorial Images [Tech Profile]

GumGum technology allows advertisers to serve highly contextually relevant ads overlaid on photos and for publishers to earn a new source of revenue without disrupting the user experience of their vis


Relationship Science (RelSci) Leverages Professional and Social Networks to Connect Agencies With Decision-Makers [Tech Profile]

Learn how to use your relationship capital to create new business opportunities with influencers.


Adiant Adds DMP Technology to Its Native Advertising Exchange [Tech Profile]

As our industry continues to incorporate data-driven marketing, it is increasingly focused on understanding and continually improving results.


Attensity Q Uses NLP and Visualization to Surface Social Intelligence From the Noise [Tech Profile]

Learn how Attensity Q is using (NLP) and sentiment analysis to provide marketers with actionable intelligence.


Automated Insights’ Wordsmith for Marketing Transforms Big Data Into Readable Client Reports [Tech Profile]

The future of data analysis is software that identifies the most useful information and provides personalized recommendations for humans.

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