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POV: Interview with James O’Brien of Aarra

We love building companies, so we’ve historically been more interested in smaller companies or startups that have the skill sets and ability to combine creative and technology, priming them for a br


POV: Interview with Kamran Asghar, Co-founder and President Crossmedia

We believe content and delivery should be joined at the hip. We call it “creadia,” the idea that both the media and creative work seamlessly and fluidly to craft the best, most impactful programs.


Interview with Bill Goodwin, Founder of Goodwin Design Group

Packaging design for kids is much different than other consumer demographics. Communication is unique and must evolve by age and stage. It must take into consideration basic communication skills and c


POV: Interview with Holly Hamann, Co-founder of TapInfluence

Consumers want an increasing amount of information before they make a purchase decision, and they’re turning to the Internet to get that info. However, they’re relying less on brand sites and are


POV: Interview with Ken Ribotsky, President and CEO of Brandkarma

The abandonment rate on prescriptions is growing. Marketers need to make sure the patient also knows why the product is needed and how this one may be best or possibly benefit him over a generic.


POV: Interview with Julie Bauer, CEO of Grok

My simple advice is to work hard, work smart and don't be afraid to make mistakes. As long as you are constantly making decisions, you will be constantly moving forward. I also believe that if you spe


POV: Interview with Paul Donaher, President of Laird + Partners

Above all else, brands must engage with consumers in a way that’s authentic across channels. This means that blogger relationships, Tumblr pages, Instagram posts and tweets should mirror the brand


POV: Interview with Dan Khabie, CEO and Co-Founder of Digitaria

That the little phone you carry in your pocket is more powerful than any billboard you drive by. I can't imagine living without it, and I believe the real future of mobile remains ahead of us.

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