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Kevin Aratari of mOcean on Branded Content and Big Ideas [POV]

A lot of the traditional “bonus material” from previous years has been seen a million times and doesn’t cut it anymore. It shouldn’t be a thinly veiled commercial either.


Jamie King of Camp + King on Brand Control and the Art of Advertising [POV]

Jamie King is the partner and CEO of Camp + King, an agency based in San Francisco. Tell us…


Jason Harris of Mekanism on Involvement Advertising and Shareable Content [POV]

Jason Harris is the president and CEO of Mekanism, a creative agency in San Francisco an…


David Shulman of Organic on Creating Digital Experiences and Retaining Talent [POV]

Organizations touting their focus on digital are most likely trying to establish credibility with these capabilities and often focus too much on channels and tactics.

Sean Lyons of Havas on Risk-Taking and Designing an Agency for Collaboration [POV]

Lyons discusses the role of the chief digital officer and how to avoid the mediocre in advertising.


John Pohlman of Lawrence & Schiller on Building Category Experience and Changing Its Agency Structure [POV]

Learn how L&S gained expertise in an industry and extended it across multiple client relationships.


Nico Coetzee of KPI Boutique on Performance Marketing and Agency Waste [POV]

Nico Coetzee is the co-founder and CEO of the recently launched KPI Boutique. The agency&…


Mark Figliulo of Figliulo&Partners on Episodic Storytelling [POV]

We have always been good at telling stories in advertising, but in the past it was limited to character and setting.

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