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Want to Build an Enduring Company? Fix Culture First.

While people are often the source of problems for companies, they can also be the greatest source of solutions.

design thinking book

Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation

In the world of business, problems (starting point) and goals (end point) are said to be like a chess game: the initial positions of the pieces are clearly defined and the goal, of course, is to chec


5 Personalities at Your Agency

Although it may seem like the Pathological Organizer detests the creative process, this isn't entirely true. She wants the client to be happy just as much as everyone else does, but puts more emphasis

work culture

A Cult(ure) of Creativity

Capturing pure creativity in the form of big, simple ideas should be baked into your process, not just your space. A purposeful environment is less about the right kind of rooms and more about guiding


Founder’s Chronicle: Ming Chan, Founder of The1stMovement

It's all about fostering the internal culture. There are a few tactical things we do to encourage internal innovation such as "hackday," but we strongly believe innovation is not top-down; rather, it


Focus on R&D, Not Professional Development

We use the approach that R&D is focused on improving processes and techniques that will garner value for the company, and we should also be using this objective with our people. Improving the capabili

YEC innovation

How Startups Put Innovation First

Environment can play a large role in team creativity. Even the most creative people cannot flourish in a space that is not conducive to creativity. Making the space open and allowing for constant comm

business relationships

Big Box Bullies: Defining Relationships in Business

[The Golden Rule] mandates were mostly about how we treat others, and they reveal a truth about life — that we should act the same way in our personal relationships as we do in business: mercifully,

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