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An Open Letter to Millennials Seeking Creative Positions

You are naturally nimble, technologically savvy and ever-present socially.


4 Reasons You’re Failing to Jumpstart Your Advertising Career

Learn how to get closer to landing that coveted position in the ad world.


Marketing Specialists or Generalists: Who Should You Hire?

Do you hire specialists or generalists? Or does it depend on the stage of your business?


10 Tips for Getting Hired as a Digital Analyst

Do not go into analytics if you’re simply bored with your current job, want money, or want to “get into big data.”


Managing Millennials: 5 Lessons From Social Media

Business leaders need to view the social web as a guide to bringing the best out of young employees.


Land an Ad Agency Job by Focusing on Your Soft Skills

You need more than just design chops to land a job. Focus on the soft skills to impress your next potential employer.


The Truth About Counteroffers in Today’s Candidate Driven Market

Getting ready to jump to another agency? How would you respond if your agency countered a job offer?


Stop Looking for Agency Jobs and Start Looking for Skills

Don't focus on finding your next job. Instead, learn how to do skill-focused career planning to build a path to success.

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