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4 Tips For Presenting Powerful New Business Proposals

If they make the wrong decision and the project fails, it will hurt their career and might cost them their job or position.


Unleash Your New Business Presentation: Ignore the Brief, Focus on the Client’s Business Objectives

Briefs now often feature objectives that read like a laundry list of marketing tactics, with their most critical business needs – and your new business-winning opportunity – buried somewhere betwe


5 Things Every Marketer Needs to Include in a RFP

There is no perfect outline, you can't anticipate your client’s magic number, and recreating competitive proposals won't set you apart to your prospective client.


You Can’t Avoid Procurement, but You Can Learn How to Sell Them

This P-word gets its rap from being viewed as an impediment to an agency’s ability to sell its creative expertise.


Attract the Right Readers — and the Right Clients — by Writing a Book

Books are the new business cards, but how do you make sure your are writing something worthwhile?


5 Foolproof Ways to Present the Perfect Proposal

Presenting a proposal should be the culmination of a long sales process — meaning you understand the client's goals, wants, and needs.


Don’t Ask Unless You’re in Love: How to Get Out of the Proposal Business

Creating more and more proposals does not equal new business. Learn how to avoid the proposal and get a commitment from the right client.


7 Tips for Presenting Winning Proposals to Clients

You've made it through the sales process, but are your presentations closing the deal?

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