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Ad Agencies: Your Blog Stinks and Here’s Why

The real reason that your blog doesn’t produce measurable results for your agency is that you’re not writing for the right people.


How to Preserve Your Small Agency Culture in a Time of Growth

Growth can destroy culture, especially if you don't actively work to protect it. Learn how to keep your "small agency" feel.


Are Social Media Stars the Next PR Pros? Scott Monty Makes the Leap to SHIFT

SHIFT Communications snags social media expert Scott Monty to boost its digital communication offerings.


Build a Culture of Caring for Stronger Client Relationships

Learn how to build a culture where your prime directive is care for the client.


An Open Letter to Millennials Seeking Creative Positions

You are naturally nimble, technologically savvy and ever-present socially.


Want to Increase Revenue? Capitalize on Your Marketing Agency’s Intellectual Property

Agencies overlook the substantial pile of intellectual capital they have developed – intellectual property that can be converted to revenue.


6 Simple Ways to Be a Truly Remarkable Ad Agency

Are you drowning in a sea of sameness? Learn how to market and connect with prospective clients.


7 Tips for Presenting Winning Proposals to Clients

You've made it through the sales process, but are your presentations closing the deal?

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