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In-Store Business Advertising: Targeted and Trendy or Insipid and Intrusive?

Marketing encompasses more than just sending flyers, airing television commercials an…


Cracking The Retail “Code” In China

 Though Western business leaders and consumers are more familiar with China today than…


When It Comes to Mobile Think Context, Not Content

Most e-commerce retailers spend most of their energy on content strategies when it comes to “thinking mobile” and miss the opportunity to address context strategies.


Missed Opportunity: “Blue Friday”

Its findings around a rise in interfaith marriages since 1950 could be quite informative to retailers as there are probably more households celebrating two, not one, winter holidays these days.


Relevance — Is it Worth the Effort?

To realize the full potential of the new apertures provided by digital and mobile, marketers must deliver relevance.


Consumer Expectations Driving the Evolution of Loyalty Programs

Low active use of loyalty programs is largely due to these programs’ inability to keep pace with shopper expectations. As consumers/shoppers have become more savvy and discriminating, they have lost


Commit to Creativity: What Organizations Can Learn from Fashion Designers

If you work in certain creative or nonconventional industries (like representing a rock band, fashion brand or up-and-coming celebrity), almost anything goes from a creative standpoint.


Holiday Retailer #Fails

Thanks to an awesome United Way volunteer opportunity, my fiancé and I were tasked with fulfilling the Christmas wishes for well-deserving children on a budget of about $40 each. You would think that