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4 Tips for Applying Gamification to Children’s Content

Adaptive learning companies clearly see the value in gamification applied in education, tapping into the reward and progress/level models of gaming that kids are already comfortable with.


The Battle for the Casino Customer

It's easy to think that given all the romantic images we see in movies and television. Good casino marketers understand where their bread and butter come from. Great casino marketers know how to divid


Know Thy Customer

Often, the casino work is slick and populated with thin models in their 20s and 30s. I'd love to work in those places, surrounded by beautiful people in beautiful clothes, seemingly working a total of


Industry 101: Casino and Gaming Terms to Play with Clients

Years ago, when Harrah's purchased Caesars Entertainment, I chuckled as a Caesars employee told me about a glossary they were given at their orientation. Sounds funny, but it's true that Harrah's, lik