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marketing survey

9 PR and Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote a Marketing Survey

There probably isn’t a week that goes by when you don’t come across – on television o…

mobile research

Why Personality Must Be Considered When Designing Mobile Research

Personality has a bearing on any research project but — in the absence of a skilled moderator to mitigate its effect on insight — mobile research magnifies its impact.


3 Tools That Could Make or Break an Agency

As traditional ads increasingly lose their effectiveness, modern agencies must learn to adapt to the closely related fields of social media, email-list building, search engine marketing and blogging.


Create a Connection Through Language with the Hispanic Community

Although those numbers have changed in recent years, it’s still tempting for many agencies to try and target Hispanics through general marketing campaigns, but it just won’t work. Marketing to the

email marketing

Maximizing Your Email Marketing with A/B Testing

Email remains the most effective and direct way to connect with your customers and prospects, but its content must be more compelling than ever. It must reach the right subscriber with the right messa

Agency Prospect Radar

How Accurate Is Your Agency’s Prospect Radar?

In my earlier days, as a VP of business development, I once had to call on a prospect 52 times…

consumer research

7 Tools for Conducting User Research

We installed a pop-up survey via Google Consumer Surveys on our website that polls for user experience feedback. It asks the website visitor to rate how useful our site is and whether he was able to a


The Importance of Being Earnest: The Growing Field of Neuromarketing

One of the main objectives of neuromarketing is to cut down on advertising budgets by re-editing ads and improving the products that turn out to be boring or even repulsive at the neuro-testing stage,

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