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PR Strategy: The Importance of Reevaluating Every 90 Days

While it makes sense to create a comprehensive annual plan for your clients, it’s essential to revisit that plan and possibly change direction each quarter.

marketing survey

9 PR and Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote a Marketing Survey

There probably isn’t a week that goes by when you don’t come across – on television o…


Global Demand for Responsible Consumption

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) isn’t new by any means, but demand for it is growing steadily to unprecedented levels


Content Marketing Is Not the Archenemy of PR

While it’s possible for content marketing and public relations to have their own separate functions, their combined potential is much greater than the two working in separate silos.

media attention

8 Reasons Why Your Brand Isn’t Feeling the Media Love

However, don’t rely on a press release to get coverage. Releases these days are SEO tools and something to post on your website. They are not resources for the media. Your PR team’s relationships


Know Where to Target Your PR and Marketing in the European Union

Developing a strategy of where to start your European conquest depends in part on the location of your primary markets and whether you can take advantage of existing local partnerships that can be uti


Benchmarking — Best Practices Leads to Effective Public Relations

Such benchmarking is a crucial aspect of the PR planning process for several reasons: It provides a snapshot of the current level of a company’s media coverage (as well as several years past perform


When PR Meets ORM: How to Repair a Client’s Reputation

A couple of bad Yelp reviews, an ill-advised tweet, a defamatory headline or a malicious blog post are all it takes for an honorable company, celebrity or political figure to be plunged into reputatio

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