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Will Twitter’s Click-to-Call Feature Finally Make Advertisers Happy?

Advertisers have struggled with lead generation on Twitter. Will its click-to-call feature make the platform valuable for more than brand awareness?


6 Ways to Dig Into the Ultimate Second-Screen Tool

Engaging viewers on their second screen can seemed forced if you don’t choose the right hashtags or the right programming.


12 Methods for Defusing Negativity on Social Media

A simple Google search can fill you in on all social media best practices, but there is one area that confuses experts: how to deal with complaints.


5 Reasons to Use Infographics in Your Marketing

The age of big data is here. Over the course of a week, billions of pieces of content are created and spread all over the web. Indeed, on average, 500 million tweets are sent everyday. Yet, we have in

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4 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Might be Limiting You

Marketing in the technological age requires a healthy social media plan to build your firm’s reputation and awareness for your product throughout the industry. The waters of social media are difficu

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12 Brands That Understand Instagram

Instagram can be a powerful social marketing channel for companies that understand its nuances. But creating engaging visual content on a daily basis isn’t as easy as it sounds, with or without filt


Are Social Media Users Already Desensitized to Ads?

As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “the only constant is change.” That’s always been true of marketing and advertising, but the rapid shift from traditional advertising to social a


Social Gaming as a Marketing Strategy

Social games are casual, easy-to-use online programs that integrate your social network into an interactive game design. They are usually free to play, but have advertisements attached and offer certa

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