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The Ultimate Advertising Agency New Year’s Resolution

I think that you need to be prepared to really walk your talk like VaynerMedia, rework your agency structure like Droga5 or find and work long and hard at a niche that is really a niche like Fuse has

visual assets

The Pros and Cons of Using Visual Assets

A much better way to use illustrations is to employ visual assets — photos, charts, visual representations of concepts, comics or annotated screenshots used to make a point. Visual assets complement


Putting Customers in Control Is a Win-Win

But when companies give some degree of ownership to consumers, such action can become a support on the bridge connecting the consumer and company. Simply put, giving control is one of the most effecti

media attention

8 Reasons Why Your Brand Isn’t Feeling the Media Love

However, don’t rely on a press release to get coverage. Releases these days are SEO tools and something to post on your website. They are not resources for the media. Your PR team’s relationships


How to Get The Most Out of Executive Recruiters in Today’s Social Media World

Referrals or word-of-mouth recommendations are more effective than any job board. Network, make it known that you're looking and contact everyone you know so they know you're in the market for somethi


The Art and Science of Building Brands: Do I Really Need a Brand?

Your brand is your destiny, and if you fail to define, refine and manage it, you do so at your own peril.


Don’t Be an Irrelevant Expert: Branding Your Creative Agency

Your positioning and marketing needs to express relevance, establish credibility and highlight differentiators.


Write for Us – Fame Awaits the Passionate

In the age of personal branding, it’s part of your job description to become an expert no matter your specialty.

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