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Why Ads Should Name Brands ‘Early and Often

Learn about the mere-exposure effect and why it matters for product placements in ads.


Battle of the Social Video Platforms: Do You Instagram or Vine?

Struggling to decide which social platform to use? Understand the different audiences and production capabilities to make the right decision.


There’s a Problem: Your Client Wants to Create Content

The idea of your client writing for your content marketing campaign can be attractive, but things don't always work out as planned.


Uncovering the Relationship Between the Conscious and Unconscious Mind of a Consumer

Can marketers unlock a brands hidden vulnerabilities or hidden potential by understanding more about the mind of the consumer?


Is It Time to Think ‘Online First’ for Packaging?

Brand, marketing, and supply chain leaders are missing opportunities and taking unintended risks by not focusing on the online packaging experience.


Copywriting for a New America

With a growing emphasis on diversity for brands, multicultural writing has emerged as a new specialization that’s in high demand.


How Mobile Marketing and Sales Automation Can Grow the Direct Selling Industry

The truth is direct selling is a $156 billion industry with 92 million independent sellers around the world, and the opportunity for savvy marketers to make a real impact here is enormous.


PR Strategy: The Importance of Reevaluating Every 90 Days

While it makes sense to create a comprehensive annual plan for your clients, it’s essential to revisit that plan and possibly change direction each quarter.

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