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Millennials and the Emergence of the Passion Economy

Now we are more generally stupid and specifically intelligent — “outsourcing” competence to focus on being specifically smart at a few things. The fire hose of Internet content has given us an u


Brand Packaging Trends for 2014: The Kids Are All Right

With so many things vying for kids’ attention and time, those that are the most fun will always win in the end. Packaging is no different. It has to speak to them personally. It must be engaging.


Advertising’s Peter Pan Syndrome

To stay alive and thriving in this business, it’s not as much about how old you are but whether you think like a young person.

young interview

How Millennials Can Break the Stereotype of Being Risky Hires

If you’re a Millennial walking into an interview, the HR professional has a view that makes you a flawed candidate.


Social TV, Children and Teens: What Marketers Should Know

What are marketers doing differently to target a younger audience while still abiding by privacy laws and regulations?


Smells Like Teen Spirit: Schooling Marketers on Tumblr

A teen’s grabbing statement on why Tumblr is so interesting as both a blogging and social network reminded me of the core attractions of the Internet (before it became a tool of marketing) — anony


Reaching Us WITH Us: Utilizing Young People to Reach Their Peers

Reaching youth can be tough. Textbook theories on “best practices” for communication and outreach simply cannot keep up with constantly evolving trends. If you really want to impact the actions th