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Advertising’s Big Data Debate: 10 Views on Whether Data is Helping or Hurting the Industry

We need to practice a bit more patience and realize that there's a non-interacting majority out there that might enjoy and look forward to a brand's messaging but don't feel the need to like, share or


Agency Collective: The Creative-Media Divide

Media and creative are colliding more and more as online advertising grows, data becomes more important to the justification of a brand's budget allocation and new platforms and formats emerge.


Agency Collective: Is the Golden Age of Advertising Behind Us?

The continuing popularity of AMC’s “Mad Men” is a testament to not on…


Agency Collective: How the Changing AOR Model is Affecting Agency Business

"It's complicated" may be the best way to describe agency-client relationships of today.


Agency Collective: 17 Ways for Brands to Succeed in 2013

Declaring 2013 the year of the next “blank” media is an exercise in futility…


Agency Collective / Exec Members

The Agency Collective is an monthly series featuring a group of select advertising profe…


Agency Collective / Exec: Families Need a Different Type of Brand Message

For the launch of our new series — The Agency Collective — we asked our Exec Collective members to comment on ways that brands should market to the family.