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How Agencies Are Investing in Innovation [Agency Collective]

Clients see a sea of sameness. Procurement places the lowest bidder on a perch. And clients don't just want "great" ideas; they want "innovative" ideas.


Advertising’s Big Data Debate: 10 Views on Whether Data is Helping or Hurting the Industry

We need to practice a bit more patience and realize that there's a non-interacting majority out there that might enjoy and look forward to a brand's messaging but don't feel the need to like, share or


Agency Collective: The Creative-Media Divide

Media and creative are colliding more and more as online advertising grows, data becomes more important to the justification of a brand's budget allocation and new platforms and formats emerge.


Agency Collective: Is the Golden Age of Advertising Behind Us?

The continuing popularity of AMC’s “Mad Men” is a testament to not only the writing but also the realistic view of the world of advertising in the ’50s and ’60s. The defi


Agency Collective: How the Changing AOR Model is Affecting Agency Business

"It's complicated" may be the best way to describe agency-client relationships of today.


Agency Collective: 17 Ways for Brands to Succeed in 2013

Declaring 2013 the year of the next “blank” media is an exercise in futility. Technology is accelerating so rapidly that as soon as something becomes the “future of communications,&#


Agency Collective / Exec Members

The Agency Collective is an monthly series featuring a group of select advertising professionals who provide insights and knowledge on marketing trends and issues. In creating our first Collective gro


Agency Collective / Exec: Families Need a Different Type of Brand Message

For the launch of our new series — The Agency Collective — we asked our Exec Collective members to comment on ways that brands should market to the family.